How to Grow Veggies from Scraps

I’m really excited about this.

Did you know that there are several veggies that you can grow in your garden by using the scraps you would normally toss out?

Celery, green onions, romaine, iceberg…I’m sure the list goes on. Those are the ones I’ve tried and been successful with. I hear you can even do this with pineapple!

The pictures below are my latest romaine and iceberg. Simply cut it about 2 inches above the base and place it in a bowl of water for a few days to get it started. See the new leaves? šŸ˜€

Then transfer to pots or your garden by burying it just enough to cover the original cut piece leaving the new growth exposed. Keep soil moist but well-drained.

Most lettuce prefers full sun in cooler weather and partial sun in warmer weather. I suspect these would grow well indoors too if provided enough light.

Harvest when the plant looks mature (it should be about the same size as when you purchase at the market) by cutting the leaves down to about 2 inches above the root and watch it grow again!