Shabby Apple = Gorgeous Dresses and Accessories

I just stumbled across this website and I’m loving it.

Shabby Apple sells clothing and accessories for women. They offer many different styles of feminine dresses, skirts, blouses, unique watches and eye catching jewelry. They have things for the home, maternity dresses, kid’s clothes and the most amazing swimsuits. All of the clothing is designed with modesty in mind (no cleavage or supershort hemlines) for real women rather than supermodels.

They even have a program for Emerging Designers in which they will take on small collections from start-up designers and give them a place to sell their line.

One of my favorite things about Shabby Apple is their desire to help women in need. Check out this from their website:

For many women in the developing world, life is a constant struggle against poverty and hardship. Limited economic opportunity leads to a downward cycle of malnutrition, illiteracy and poor health – a cycle that traps each new generation. Through access to microfinance – financial services such as microcredit loans, insurance, savings and other products – women can overcome poverty and provide a better life for their children.

We at Shabby Apple love to help women dress but are also commited to helping women live as well.  Thus we are supporting the fight against global poverty by partnering with Accion-a non-profit organization with the mission of giving people the financial tools they need to work their way out of poverty. Shabby Apple donates 5% of its net sales to support work with 62 microfinance institutions in 31 countries throughout the world.

With every dress you buy from Shabby Apple, you are helping make a difference in the lives of Women Worldwide.

I think that’s just dandy. 🙂

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I’ve been obsessively looking through their website for over an hour and fantisizing about all the stuff I’m going to buy. Here are some of my favorites.

Elizabeth Islands Dress


Turn a Lined Skirt Into a Dress


My Grandma gave me this skirt she found at a thrift store. It’s an Old Navy skirt that looks brand new since there is no fading at all. It was a little too big and an unflattering length but it had a great coral lining and I knew I could do something with it. Here’s how I turned it into a dress.


1. Turn the skirt inside-out and separate from the lining with the lining inside-out as well. Determine how wide you want your neckline, mark the middle point of the bottom edge of the lining (which will become the shoulders and neck) then measure out your neckline evenly centered. Pin and sew each edge up to neckline marks backing over beginning and ending stitches to secure.

2. Figure out how big you want your armhole to be and measure down from shoulder seam then cut the outer seam off creating an opening. I finished my armhole by just doing a zig zag stitch along the edge but you could fold over and hem if you like.


3. Measure a straight line down from your middle mark and cut in from top to open up the neckline (cut only on the front of the dress).

4. Zig zag stitch along the raw edges or hem.


5. & 6. I added a personalized tag by using a t-shirt transfer and  ironing directly onto the inside of the dress.


7. Measure and mark the desired hemline and cut.

8. Finish the edge as you have done the others and you’re done! (by the way, I lightly ironed my “collar” outward to achieve the look in the final picture)



Slacks to Skirt Refashion

Like I said yesterday, this is my favorite of the refashions so far and I wore it only for about three hours and got tons of compliments. It was fun to be at such a beautiful event where I know people wear their best and every time someone tells me “You look gorgeous! Love the dress!” I just snicker to myself knowing that I made this 🙂 …from hideous over-sized MC Hammer-like way-too-pleated $2 slacks from Goodwill!

This really could not be more simple. Grab some slacks from a second-hand store (or your dad, grandpa, husband’s closet). Mine were actually women’s pants which is really not necessary. All that matters is that you like the material.

Turn them inside out and fold them in half. Making sure all of the fabric is straight and the legs are lined up. Pull the crotch out so it looks like the picture below. Using a ruler and tailor’s chalk mark a line straight down from just below the end of the zipper to wherever that straight line lands at the edge of the pant leg.

Now measure how long you want your skirt and add an inch then mark with your chalk and ruler.

These are your cut marks. Make sure the cut up near the crotch is as straight as possible.

Now, open it up and fold in half like you’re going to iron a crease. This will give you two open sides which will end up the middle front and middle back seams of the skirt. Pin down these sides and sew together.

IF the pants previously fit in the waist then all you have left to do is hem the bottom.

For me, my pants were not just too big in the waist but they were waaaay to big through the hips (did you see all that pleating?) and thighs.

I also wanted a curvy shape that tapered at the bottom but had plenty of room in the hips. So I just sewed from the top of the waistband down to the bottom in the shape I wanted.

I didn’t get any pictures of this step but I did a little drawing for your amusement (and clarification). Red is the sew line. As you can see, I had to sew the pockets closed, which I’m still not very happy about but, trying to keep them and get this thing to fit properly would have required more time than I had available (I made it at midnight a couple of days before the wedding).

There you have it, folks. In case you were wondering, yes, I made the bodice as well. It wasn’t a refashion but it was made from clearance fabric 🙂 . It’s a bit more complicated as it’s completely fitted with seam shapes I’ve never attempted before but, it turned out as I wanted. One day, I will share with you how I did it.

Also, the earrings, made those too 🙂 tutorial is coming soon.

And for those of you that are interested the bag is vintage (it was my mom’s) and the shoes are my newest obsession. Vera Wang (got em 60% off though!). I got a ton of complements on these too. Can you see why?



Thrifted Dress Refashion

I love the way this turned out. I grabbed it at a local thrift store for $5. 😀



The refashion was simple. I cut the neckline into a V and the back into a tapered square. Then cut it short and hemmed. VERY quick and easy!

If you like this one, stick around this week because I have several other refashions from items that I picked up on the same thrifty trip. One of them being that bright striped bag you see in the pictures.

Dress and bag: Thrifted Refashion Shoes and belt: Thrifted Earrings: Self-made Bracelet: F21



Southwest Style Day One: Rectangle Crop Top with Low Back


This top is so simple. I made it from start to finish in less than 30 minutes.

You need

two 28 x 23 rectangles of light-weight cotton jersey (you could use a different type of fabric here but you would have to hem the edges)

Sewing maching and coordinating thread

With right sides facing pin your rectangle together along sew lines and serge or zig zag stitch right on the edge backing over beginning and ending stitches to secure.

Along the top edge, cut a half oval out of the back side of shirt along the top and between the sew lines. The opening should be 12 inches wide and the lowest point 8 inches from top edge.


A couple of notes…

  • Yes, I am wearing a bra. I don’t go braless ever (you’re welcome). Its a strapless and I measured the back cut of the shirt to be about an inch above the top of the hooks. Before you cut your fabric you might want to do a quick measure to make sure that yours will be covered.
  • I (usually) wear a medium in tops or an 8 in dresses and I’m 5’6″. If you are bigger/smaller and/or shorter/taller you may need to adjust the initial rectangle measurements.


Stick around because I have one more post for today (a, slightly more involved than this top but, still simple, dress) which I’ll try to get done before midnight 🙂

ALSO, if you like my earrings in the pictures above…fret not! Those are also self-made and I’ll be sharing a tutorial for those and many more Southwesty goodies all week!


Fashion Trend: Southwest Style

This is definitely my favorite current trend. Perhaps, growing up in the Southwest makes it a bit more familiar and it certainly makes it little more approachable then I find other trends to be.

The Southwest style includes Native American and Mexican influnces; particularly popular are the intricate geometric prints and bright colors from the Navajo and Aztecs. Add to that mix a little bit Texas in the way of cowboy boots, leather fringe or worn in denim.

This week, I’ll be sharing with you some tutorials that will help you to easily and inexpensively add this trend to your wardrobe and home. Until then, here are some of my favorite things that embody the Southwest and inspire me.


10. Spool 72 11. Pretty Things 12. Theodora & Callum  13. Ashton Kutcher 14. Sea of Bees 15. Nostalgic Wardrobe



Easy Summer Dress with Pockets

Here it is again, folks! Everybody’s favorite 25 cent fabric is back and this time I made a simple summer dress…with pockets!

First, you need to follow these instructions on how to add pockets from Burda Style. It’s exactly how I did mine.

Ok. Moving on.




The Maxi Skirt

So the other day I was visiting my mom and she gave me this…

she got it from a thrift store. And do you see the price?? You can’t beat that!

The colors are gorgeous (pics taken with my phone and DO NOT do it justice!) and the fabric so soft. I’m not sure what it is but it seems like a loose weave cotton, almost like linen. What a find! Thanks, Mom!

So, I’m thinking maxi skirt. I know I want pockets and perhaps even a side slit. What do you think? Here is some inspiration that I found poking around the web. LOVE them!

Of course I’ll post a tut when I get it finished so stick around for that!

Happy Sewing!