Simple Scrumptious Apple Butter

I’m going to make this pretty short and sweet because I’ve got New Girl and Project Runway waiting for me on DVR.

If you don’t know, apple butter is similar to peanut butter in that there is no actual dairy butter in it. The butter part refers to it’s spreadable consistency and the applications it’s used for. Think toast, bagels, sandwiches, English muffins…cardboard. All examples of things that taste better with apple butter.


So, here we go.

Oh, and let me just disclaim that this is only simple if you have access to a couple of key gadgets.

Back home on Christmas Eve making apple butter for tomorrow's breakfast


1. Apple peeler. Not expensive and easy to operate; I can assure you that I would never make this without one.

2. Apple corer/slicer. Also, not expensive and easy to operate. This one isn’t as important but it certainly makes things so much faster.

3. Crockpot. I don’t want to fiddle with stove time and stirring and this is part of what makes this recipe so simple. You can prep it after dinner and it will be ready by breakfast.

You’ll need:

5 pounds of apples peeled, cored and sliced.

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup granulated sugar

Tbsp ground cinnamon

tsp ground cloves

tsp ground ginger

tsp salt

Tbsp vanilla extract

Juice of one lemon


Throw all of the apple slices into the crockpot and set it on high then dump the sugar, spices and salt on top. Resist the urge to stir! This part is difficult for me but you want to bring the whole thing up to temp and melt the sugar so it doesn’t burn on the bottom. After it cooks for an hour or two you can stir it up and then leave it for another 10 hours. Add the lemon juice and vanilla extract, stir and cook for about 2 more hours. Turn off your crockpot and use an emulsion blender to make it smooth and buttery. My favorite way to eat it is on a toasted sourdough English muffin. yum!



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