Crazy Easy (and cheap!) Curtains


I told you this would amaze you. This seems to be the thing I get compliments on the most in my newly updated dining room. Perhaps it’s because it seems so unique. The first question people seem to ask after they comment “I love the curtains!” is “How did you do that?!?” which is inevitably followed by something like, “Wow, that’s so cool!”

I’ve never been one for curtains. I like simple décor and curtains always seem fussy to me but I knew that if I wanted a complete make-over I had to do some kind of window covering. Plus, if I had to see the hideous top of the blinds anymore I may have gone postal.

My criteria for window covering was 1. no “curtain rod” (I just don’t like them) 2. nothing too heavy/still allow light in 3. cheap 4. easy


So I picked up 12 yards (but I only used 6) of a lightweight white cotton jersey knit on clearance at a discount fabric store for $2.30 per yard and an 8 foot 1 x 4 at my home improvement store for $6.

I stained the wood with the same stain I used for the dining table and chairs then did a coat of spray polyurethane. Once dry, I predrilled a hole in each end of the wood piece about an inch in from the ends and centered from top to bottom.

I cut 2 panels of 3 yards each of the fabric which, since it’s jersey, doesn’t need to be hemmed (yay for no sewing!) and stapled each one to the back of the wood flat (with no gathers and overlapping in the middle).

I screwed the wood directly into the wall and then used screw in hooks and cotton twill tape as tie backs.


So, for less than $20 I have curtains. Unique ones. I like that.

In hindsight, I would have made the board and therefore the curtains stretch much further past the edge of the window. It was actually an error either in my measurement of the window or perhaps I was flustered during one of my 25 trips to Lowe’s in a 30 day period (most likely). I thought that the piece of wood that I bought was going to be 1′ longer than the window opening on each side. What I ended up with was 2″ on each side -_- not happy about that. Oh well. Hopefully, if you try this out you’ll learn from my mistakes!

I believe this concludes my dining room make-over project. For now, anyway. I still want a rug and a new light fixture…sometime in the future I will get that done. For now, I’m going to get a roast started for dinner and then finish my Christmas shopping.

I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll share my very best meatball recipe with you. I made them last week and took a couple of pics so get ready!

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