DIY Buffet from Coffee Table

I kind of got lucky with this one. I scored this coffee table for FREE from someone on Craigslist!


That bottom portion is some kind of metal and is not attached to the top wood portion which is painted black.

When I picked it up I really wasn’t sure what I would do with it since I don’t need a coffee table but how could I pass up a perfectly good piece of free furniture?? I couldn’t.

Even though it wasn’t ideal I decided to see if I could make a buffet for my dining room out of it.



Soooo, I talked my husband into building a new base for the wood part of the table with some scrap plywood I snagged from a trash pile a while back. We didn’t have enough to add shelves like I wanted but we will definitely add to it later (perhaps sometime after Christmas when our bank account stops hemorrhaging).



We painted it white and gave the draw pulls a coat of silver spray paint. I would have preferred to change them out with something a bit more modern but the budget didn’t allow for that…for now anyway.

You may have noticed a few Christmas decorations. I’ve finally got the whole house littered with little touches of holiday cheer 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you a few ways that I’ve added a bit of sparkle to some ordinary objects to make them look festive. I don’t know about you, but I get tired of the same decorations I pull out of my attic every year. I don’t really want to go spend hundreds of dollars (and I easily could) on new stuff every year…soooo, I found some inexpensive ways to update and modernize what I already have. I think you’re going to like it!

Have a fantastic Tuesday evening!

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