My “New” Dining Table

I have to confess that this post was meant for last Thursday. In fact, I had it all ready to go and I saved it as a draft rather than publishing it…which I just discovered because this is the first time I have touched my computer since Thursday afternoon…whoops!

Oh well, here it is šŸ™‚

Let’s talk about tables.

We purchased a brand new table about 4 years ago and it is still in great condition so we definitely didn’t need a new table. Problem is, ours is counter-height…which is shorter than bar height but taller than standard table height. With the layout of our kitchen/dining area those extra few inches just didn’t work. We have a peninsula separating the kitchen and dining which makes it nice and open but with the upper cabinets above it, you couldn’t see someone’s face that was standing in the kitchen if you were sitting at the dining table. That doesn’t work for me.

ThisĀ spring I foundĀ an old table base by someone’s curb


…and this old wood at someone else’s


At the time I desperately needed a craft table (and I had none of the saws I now have) so I drove up to my grandparents’ house and my grandfather helped me build a rustic little table.

Then I spent weeks (yes, weeks) resurfacing and refinishing the top. The wood was old and very weather damaged. I knew I wanted it rustic but I at least wanted the surface to be even and somewhat smooth-ish.

Once I had it stained (I used Rustoleum Kona)and sealed I fell in love. This table was the one thing that I knew for sureĀ would be used in our dining room make-over. Though, it needed a bit of expansion to truly work as a dining table. So with $30 worth of lumberĀ and steel brackets my husbandĀ and I framed it out making it bigger by 6 inches on each side.


With four mismatched recovered and refinished mid-century era chairs (non of them dining chairs, I’ll admit, but the chairs cost us about $30 total) we now have a new to us dining set that we spent a whopping $60 on…and I love it! It’s not perfect but that’s the beauty. Worrying about using a coaster or the little one banging toys on it just doesn’t suit me.


Tomorrow we’ll talk about the buffet!

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