Dining Room Make-over Reveal!

This is definitely long overdue.

I had a nice little break with family in from out of town and getting back into the swing of things after the Thanksgiving holiday proved to be more challenging than I had hoped.

Mostly, I have just been putting off taking pictures of everything because, well, it’s not the thing I’m best at and the lighting in my dining room is less than stellar (too many trees) so I knew I would have lots of editing to do. Not the easiest thing to do with a toddler, I’ll admit.

I was sort of waiting until my Christmas gift from my hubby arrived; a shiny new laptop. This way I can edit photos and blog from outside while the little one plays without drowning his laptop in endless photos and software he doesn’t use. I will also be able to blog in the evenings now that I can do so from the comfort of the couch rather than vanquishing myself to the office where it’s cold and lonely 🙂

Windows 8 is going to take some getting used to and, I’m just going to throw this out there, it doesn’t seem to make much sense without a touch screen. Perhaps, I just need more practice…

So ANYWAY here it is!

Well, first, let me remind you how this room looked BEFORE

Maroon Wall

Maroon Wall

Weird Yellow Wainscoting

Weird Yellow Wainscoting









Well, there it is folks! This doesn’t even resemble my original vision but, I think it turned out great. I was able to finish all but two items on my list; a rug and replacement for the chandelier. I’m ok with that! In the next week or so I’ll share with you each of the individual projects that make up the room and hopefully inspire you to tackle some DIY projects of your own.

I’m happy to be typing this on my laptop and I foresee more regular posts from me in our future because of it 🙂

I also have some DIY jewelry that I can’t wait to share!

Until tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Dining Room Make-over Reveal!

  1. Sarah, you have done an awesome job, looks great!!granny

    “Say little, love much, give of your heart and judge no one. This is how to walk the spiritual path. Lord, help me to aspire to all that is pure and good.

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