No more naked walls!

Despite my better judgement, I spent all day yesterday working on dressing up the dining/kitchen walls. This is far from the most pressing item on my very long list of To dos but I just couldn’t resist. And I’m happy about that because it just feels so much more comfy and lived in.

I didn’t buy any artwork for the room. As much as I love art we just can’t afford to spend hundreds-thousands of dollars on beautiful art. I realize you can pick up inexpensive decent stuff at home decor stores but why not DIY?

So I stole graciously borrowed cool photographs of food from the web and printed them in various sizes at a photo kiosk in my drug store. I used old frames I already had (all of them I obtained for free) and just updated them to match the rest of the room.

Over the summer my grandparents gave me some old windows from their house which they had lying around after some updates. I originally planned to use the large pane-less one as a wipe off board for our new weekly menu board (as seen on pinterest) but while cleaning out the garage not that long ago, Bo accidentally knocked it over and broke it 😦

What was left was a couple of smaller ones with panes that wouldn’t work for what I wanted so I decided to make a chalkboard for the menu board and use the window to display photos.

For the photo display, I cleaned up the window and gave it a light coat of white paint to freshen it up just a bit (I wanted to retain it’s rustic charm). I stapled lengths of yellow suede cord to the back and paper clipped pictures to it…sort of like a clothesline look. I’m thinking when they come down for Thanksgiving I’m going to get my grandparents to write somewhere on the window their address and the years that this window was a part of it. What an awesome treasure!

For the chalkboard, I used a piece of scrap plywood (which I rescued from a trash pile, obviously). I screwed it in each of the four corners directly to my wall with anchors. I then gave it two coats of chalkboard paint, which I made myself using black paint and non-sanded grout. Do a heaping tablespoon of grout to each half cup of paint. Only make what you need because you can’t store this stuff.

My board is a rectangle of 2′ X 1′ 9″ so I picked up an 8ft piece of moulding at the hardware store. I got the cheapest kind they had (which is not even real wood) for a little over $5. I cut the appropriate lengths with 45 degree angles for mitred corners and just hot glued (yes, hot glued) those bad daddies right onto the wood. I used a little bit of wood filler to clean up the seams in the corners and then lightly sanded it when dry then painted the trim a color somewhere between turquoise and sea foam (mixed it myself).

My favorite project from yesterday was the apron (and chef coat) hooks. This was yet another free project! A stained piece of scrap wood + wine corks = EASY, FREE AND CUTE apron hooks! yay for free!

This would be so cute painted a bright funky color but I decided to stain it. I’m a sucker for stained wood but I absolutely hate the sanding part so anytime I have an opportunity to do a small easy-to-sand project, I’m likely going to stain it. So once that part was done…

I drilled holes in the center of the corks just large enough to fit a nail head. Hammered the nails into the board leaving enough sticking out of the board to go slightly more than halfway into the cork. Busted out my trusty sidekick Gertrude (hot glue gun) and filled up the drilled holes in each cork and slipped them over the nails (holding in place until it’s cooled).

So simple…I LOVE IT!

The only expense for all of my wall decor was the moulding and the photos I printed which all together cost me just under $20. 😀

On today’s agenda, the table. I can’t wait to get this done so I can share it with you. If I have time I will also work on painting the stools and the chairs.

You know, I just looked at my dining room inspo pics that I shared with you guys not too long ago and realized that this has morphed into something that really doesn’t even resemble any of that. Odd.

Have a great rest of the day and let’s meet back here tomorrow for some table action! (I hope!)


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