Crazy Garbage Digger = Awesome Free Furniture!

In a rare find last week I scored some open shelving from someones trash pile at the curb. The high school boys waiting for their bus probably thought I was homeless…ha! It was rare because it was in great condition (relatively speaking…I mean, it was in the trash pile). By that, I mean all it really needed was a coat of paint. SCORE!

It was a hideous shade of green with a questionable substance on some of the shelves and a newspaper super stuck to it. I had to do some scraping and a bit of sanding then I just painted it with the same black satin finish paint that I used on the bar. So here is the before and after. Pretty simple but boy did we need this storage! All of these little kitchen appliances have been stashed in various inconvenient places for the past two years since our kitchen is less than large. Yay for storage!

Hubby is making the most delicious smelling bolognese right now while we have a little happy hour cocktail with pops-in-law so….gotta go!

Happy Friday 🙂



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