3 Quick Projects

I’ve been working on home projects a lot lately so I can (hopefully!) have my makeover stuff done by Thanksgiving. The dining room makeover quickly turned into a kitchen/dining/entry/living room makeover…I can’t seem to stop myself!

As Chris Walken said on SNL “I got a fevah! And the the only prescription…is more makeovers!” (ok, maybe that’s not exactly how it went)

So, remember how I’m attempting to do all of this for almost nothing? In keeping with that these projects today are pretty inexpensive, especially when you compare them to their store-bought counterparts. I did all of these at the same time since they all got the same paint.

Project 1 is a magnetic knife strip. We used to have one I bought from BBB for about $20 but it lasted maybe a few weeks before the damn thing started flying off the wall every time we grabbed a knife (so annoying). I decided to make my own since it couldn’t possibly turn out worse than the one I bought. I used a 1 x 4 x 18 scrap piece of wood (free from someone’s curb on trash day), little round heavy duty magnets (had these left from another project but they cost just a few dollars at craft stores), black paint (leftover from other project) gorilla glue and a couple of screws (both courtesy of my garage).

Drill a pilot hole on each end where you will screw it into the wall. Sand. Paint. Glue magnets. Attach to wall (use anchors if no stud).

for Project 2 I slightly modified an existing cube wall shelf I bought from Target several years ago by adding little hooks for keys. I already had the hooks in my tool box so this was another free-to-me project. I used a hammer and nail to make little pilot holes since my drill wouldn’t fit in the tight space. Then I just screwed the hooks in making sure the open ends of the hooks were all facing out. Easiest project ever and now we have a place right by the front door to put our keys 🙂

Project 3 is 2 parts. I scored a free mirror from (you guessed it) a curbside trash pile and all it needed was a coat of paint. I often wonder if people see me rummaging through their garbage (usually in my pajamas) and think I’m some sort of rogue hoarder searching for the next addition to my mountain of junk. Either way, I have found some great stuff this way including many items for my in-progress makeovers. Anyway, I wanted to have a place for hats, purses, scarves etc. but the frame of the mirror wasn’t wide enough to add hooks so I used a piece of scrap wood and hung them right up against each other.

I bought the hooks at home depot, a package of 3 was $7. Predrill holes for the hooks and the spots where you will attach it to the wall. Sand and paint your board. Attach hooks then attach to wall. Make sure you get a stud or use anchors.

This morning I found a deep bookshelf in someone’s trash that will make the perfect coffee bar. I’m so excited! I plan on fixing her up while little little takes a nap today. Speaking of…this is what she’s doing while I type.


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