Crazy Garbage Digger = Awesome Free Furniture!

In a rare find last week I scored some open shelving from someones trash pile at the curb. The high school boys waiting for their bus probably thought I was homeless…ha! It was rare because it was in great condition (relatively speaking…I mean, it was in the trash pile). By that, I mean all it really needed was a coat of paint. SCORE!

It was a hideous shade of green with a questionable substance on some of the shelves and a newspaper super stuck to it. I had to do some scraping and a bit of sanding then I just painted it with the same black satin finish paint that I used on the bar. So here is the before and after. Pretty simple but boy did we need this storage! All of these little kitchen appliances have been stashed in various inconvenient places for the past two years since our kitchen is less than large. Yay for storage!

Hubby is making the most delicious smelling bolognese right now while we have a little happy hour cocktail with pops-in-law so….gotta go!

Happy Friday 🙂




I am so excited about this! This is the first project I have completed for my dining room make-over and it turned out pretty much exactly how I envisioned it in my head. Although, getting to this point cost a bit more than I originally hoped…the grand total is $70. I’ll break it down for you as we go.

My new bar used to be someone else’s ugly old microwave cabinet.


I got this baby for $25 from a lovely couple I found on Craigslist. It had been in a storage unit for quite some time. It had a broken door and was pretty much covered in spider webs. My husband certainly doubted me when he saw it since I hyped it up quite a bit (so maybe it was less than perfect).

First, I took the doors, hinges and knobs off and found suitable replacements for the knobs and hinges. I also knew I wanted faux glass front doors so I got an acrylic sheet, plastic cutter and silicone sealant. All of these supplies were $30. I already had sandpaper and paint on hand.

The second order of business was to get rid of the curvy lines on the top and bottom edges of the cabinet. We are simple folks and we like simple modern furniture. I used my jigsaw for this (my most recent v-day gift!).

I then cut the middles out of the doors. This part was a bit tricky. I used a very sharp utility knife to heavily score around all four edges on both sides of the door, eventually enough to pop it out.

I sanded and painted everything with a black satin finish (same paint I used here)

Then (not) patiently waited for it to dry… hardest part. While I waited I cut the plastic for the doors to size, just a bit larger all the way around than the openings. Once the paint was dry I used the silicone to hold it in place. The only thing I would have done differently here is if I had a router would have routed out along the edge of the opening so the plastic would be flush with the inside of the door…I literally tossed and turned all night last night trying to think of a way to cover the ugly edge of the plastic (obsessed much?) so if you have a router, do it right.

I wanted the middle of my plastic to be “etched” to match my next project (which will be the buffet and I’ll share soon!) and there are a few ways to accomplish this with plastic. I used steel wool. I taped off what I wanted etched and then just buffed the plastic with steel wool in a circular motion until I got the effect I wanted. I have read you can also do this with sandpaper or acetone based nail polish remover.

Once the doors were on, I attached the mirrors. I got six of these little 6″ beveled edge square mirrors from Hobby Lobby for $3 each. Way more than I wanted to spend on mirrors but I felt it was an important part of the make-over. I attached them with silicone (and obviously didn’t clean them after…)

The last step was the bar mat for the top surface. There was no way I was dropping $30 on a real bar mat to fit this spot so I improvised. I got a roll of black rubber shelf liner at the dollar store for $2 and cut it to size. It’s not exactly what I wanted but it will have to do the job until I find free or cheap bar mat to replace it.

That’s it! I can’t stop staring at this thing. I’m pretty surprised and amazed that it actually turned out the way I envisioned it. 🙂 Tomorrow, I’ll show you the simple shelf I’m using for storage.

Have a great Thursday!

3 Quick Projects

I’ve been working on home projects a lot lately so I can (hopefully!) have my makeover stuff done by Thanksgiving. The dining room makeover quickly turned into a kitchen/dining/entry/living room makeover…I can’t seem to stop myself!

As Chris Walken said on SNL “I got a fevah! And the the only prescription…is more makeovers!” (ok, maybe that’s not exactly how it went)

So, remember how I’m attempting to do all of this for almost nothing? In keeping with that these projects today are pretty inexpensive, especially when you compare them to their store-bought counterparts. I did all of these at the same time since they all got the same paint.

Project 1 is a magnetic knife strip. We used to have one I bought from BBB for about $20 but it lasted maybe a few weeks before the damn thing started flying off the wall every time we grabbed a knife (so annoying). I decided to make my own since it couldn’t possibly turn out worse than the one I bought. I used a 1 x 4 x 18 scrap piece of wood (free from someone’s curb on trash day), little round heavy duty magnets (had these left from another project but they cost just a few dollars at craft stores), black paint (leftover from other project) gorilla glue and a couple of screws (both courtesy of my garage).

Drill a pilot hole on each end where you will screw it into the wall. Sand. Paint. Glue magnets. Attach to wall (use anchors if no stud).

for Project 2 I slightly modified an existing cube wall shelf I bought from Target several years ago by adding little hooks for keys. I already had the hooks in my tool box so this was another free-to-me project. I used a hammer and nail to make little pilot holes since my drill wouldn’t fit in the tight space. Then I just screwed the hooks in making sure the open ends of the hooks were all facing out. Easiest project ever and now we have a place right by the front door to put our keys 🙂

Project 3 is 2 parts. I scored a free mirror from (you guessed it) a curbside trash pile and all it needed was a coat of paint. I often wonder if people see me rummaging through their garbage (usually in my pajamas) and think I’m some sort of rogue hoarder searching for the next addition to my mountain of junk. Either way, I have found some great stuff this way including many items for my in-progress makeovers. Anyway, I wanted to have a place for hats, purses, scarves etc. but the frame of the mirror wasn’t wide enough to add hooks so I used a piece of scrap wood and hung them right up against each other.

I bought the hooks at home depot, a package of 3 was $7. Predrill holes for the hooks and the spots where you will attach it to the wall. Sand and paint your board. Attach hooks then attach to wall. Make sure you get a stud or use anchors.

This morning I found a deep bookshelf in someone’s trash that will make the perfect coffee bar. I’m so excited! I plan on fixing her up while little little takes a nap today. Speaking of…this is what she’s doing while I type.

Birthday Weekend

Sunday was my birfday. I am now a whopping 28 years old! For some reason this particular age has made me feel like a full fledged adult. Let’s face it, 30 is right around the corner. Strange.

Bo was in Florida on a business trip for a couple of days and didn’t get back in town until Friday night so the kids and I had dinner with family and he met us after for drinks. Fun times!

Jonathan had a game Saturday morning and the boys wore their pink socks in support Breast Cancer Awareness Month…they lost the game but it was nice to finally have some fall-like weather which seems much more football appropriate.


My handsome hubby took me out for an amazing french dinner Saturday evening (thanks to Hollie for keeping the kiddos AND for the new espresso machine!) and that was only after he and my son gave me this new sewing machine. I love it!

By the way, if any of you are in the Dallas area and are in search of a great french place, Toulouse provided one of the best meals I’ve had in a while. I even ate blood sausage for the first time ever (even though I’ve said in the past I never would) and it was actually good!

We also had the most incredible chocolate souffle for dessert. Magnifique!

Sunday morning we drove up to Gainesville to have lunch with my grandparents, mom, sister and nieces and nephew. Then we made a quick trip out to the farm for some milk before heading back home. Had a margarita and nachos for dinner then snuggled on the couch with my favorite big guy for some downtime. Overall it was a great birthday weekend. Now back to reality…My brother and his girlfriend are staying with us Thanksgiving week and my plan is to have the dining room make-over done by the time they fly in which is the 19th. I may not have a lot of time for posting between now and then but I will definitely share all of my projects when I’m able!

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂