Dining Room Make-over Inspiration

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Moving on.

There are a few spaces in my house that are in need of a make-over but, none so badly as the dining room.

We’ve lived here for two years and haven’t painted anything except for the nursery.

In my opinion, every room in the house could use a fresh coat (and color) of paint. It’s just such a huge undertaking that everyday life takes precedence over having pretty walls.

I always think I like painting and get excited about it and then about halfway through said job I want kick my own butt for ever even starting. Though, there is something fantastic about liking what you see and knowing you made that happen.

What’s so bad about the dining room? Glad you asked 🙂

For starters, maroon.

Don’t want to bag on anyone that has maroon-ish decor but, I. hate. maroon. Love red. Hate maroon.

My dining room is fairly small and is connected to the kitchen (which shares a maroon wall and is also very small). So, the maroon is just way too dark for the space. There is also wainscoting that is a pukish yellow color. Not a good color for a dining room.

I would show you a before picture but I forgot to take one and I have spent the past two evenings painting the wainscoting white. Luckily for you guys, that pukish color is carried over into the entryway (which will soon receive a make-over as well) so I’ll piece together a visual for you of the before.

(sorry they’re blurry I think I need new glasses…)

Maroon Wall


Weird Yellow Wainscoting


Light fixture that I dislike very much



I haven’t tackled the maroon yet. With my son’s birthday party being tomorrow I thought it best not to have my dining room in shambles at the same time that we have a house full of fifteen 9-year-old boys. When I do paint the top half of the wall it will be a medium shade of gray. It sounds really blah but I think it’s going to look good with the contrast of the white wainscoting.

If you follow me on Pinterest (and you should) you may have seen my design board and then you might know that my design aesthetic could be described as minimal, modern, eclectic and rustic. I like a mix of neutrals with just a few touches of color thrown in. Here is my dining room make-over inspiration.

My goal with this transformation is to accomplish it on an almost non-existent budget. This means I’ll be DIY-ing pretty much everything in the room. Of course, I’ll share every project with you guys and I’d love your opinions and/or ideas if you care to share them.

Have a great weekend!





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