Our Trip to the Farm

Yesterday the kids and I took an hour trip north of home to visit Circle N Dairy farm in Lindsay, TX. What a neat experience. We wanted to see the cows and the farm but the main purpose of making the trip was to buy some real milk. It’s only legal to sell in Texas from the farm where it is produced so off to Lindsay we drove.

We were able to love on some babies and spy on the mommies as they chilled out in some much-needed shade, fans and misters (105 degrees in TX right about now). Ava walked around mooing the WHOLE. TIME. And Jonathan was in charge of the camera, my future photographer 🙂 Here are some of my favorites he snapped.

I promise it only LOOKS like I’m eating my hair…and of course Ava is mooing 🙂

the one pic I took 🙂


sweaty me


sampling the chocolate milk. it was delicious!


Ava with the farmers’ grandson


mad that it was time to go






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