Southwest Style Day Five: Painted Curtains

Oh boy, did I have an interesting weekend…something hit me hard Saturday night (not sure what) that had me up all through the night emptying the contents of my stomach in a most unpleasant way. Then Sunday my husband was struck and Monday our son.

Needless to say, our Memorial day plans were cancelled and we were all relinquished to the couch for the extended weekend. What a bummer.

Anyway, I didn’t want to leave you high and dry without the last in the series of my posts on Southwest style so I’m giving it to you late.

I had plans to make these curtains on Saturday evening so I could share pictures and instructions but that obviously didn’t happen. So I’m going to share my inspiration and plans then I’ll have pictures for you when I get to it. These will go in my living room which is, at this point, not styled in any particular manner. It’s quite bare.

I was inspired by the curtains below that you may recognize from my first Southwest post. My plan is to buy inexpensive cotton and make my own curtain panels then stencil or free-hand paint a modernish southwesty design on myself. What do you think? I’ve never painted on fabric before so I could use some tips (do I have to use fabric paint?). In fact, I’ve never hung curtains before (what can I say? I’m a minimalist) and came across this post from a blog Fred Gonsowski Garden Home. I’ll definitely be following Fred’s advice on this one. I’m not much for decorating so I know I need it.


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