Southwest Style Day 3: Desert Sunset Vase

Umm, I just realized that yesterday morning instead of hitting ‘publish’ I simply saved this as a draft. Sorry!

So, I know it’s technically day 4 of our Southwest journey but I got a little preoccupied with margaritas and chatting with my hubby last night. We even went to bed without dinner!

Anyway, because of my transgression I’m giving you three little projects today. Simple, quick and cute.

The little jute wrapped jars you see above are just that. Hot glue gun, jute and empty jar. Insert tealight and place on picnic table for an alfresco summer dinner. These look very cool at dusk.

The vase with the red (fake) flowers is a cleaned out tomato can wrapped in jute (with the help of our trusty hot glue) and then trimmed at the bottom with a southwest ribbon. You could use this as a planter if you poke some holes in the bottom for drainage.

The third project is what I’m calling the desert sunset vase. This one could be done with acrylic paints or (like I used) nail polish. I guess I’m into sunsety colors because all of these were in my bathroom already. I just dumped the colors into the glass and turn it to swirl it around. Once dry, I did a final coat inside with a creamy white (thinned!) acrylic paint. If you want to use this for real flowers you need to seal the paint with a glaze and let it dry for several days.

That’s it for now folks!

I may have day 4 ready for you by this evening…or maybe I’ll be playing catch-up Saturday morning :/ either way there are two more Southwest projects to go so keep on the look out.

Happy Trails


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