Southwest Style Day One: Rectangle Crop Top with Low Back


This top is so simple. I made it from start to finish in less than 30 minutes.

You need

two 28 x 23 rectangles of light-weight cotton jersey (you could use a different type of fabric here but you would have to hem the edges)

Sewing maching and coordinating thread

With right sides facing pin your rectangle together along sew lines and serge or zig zag stitch right on the edge backing over beginning and ending stitches to secure.

Along the top edge, cut a half oval out of the back side of shirt along the top and between the sew lines. The opening should be 12 inches wide and the lowest point 8 inches from top edge.


A couple of notes…

  • Yes, I am wearing a bra. I don’t go braless ever (you’re welcome). Its a strapless and I measured the back cut of the shirt to be about an inch above the top of the hooks. Before you cut your fabric you might want to do a quick measure to make sure that yours will be covered.
  • I (usually) wear a medium in tops or an 8 in dresses and I’m 5’6″. If you are bigger/smaller and/or shorter/taller you may need to adjust the initial rectangle measurements.


Stick around because I have one more post for today (a, slightly more involved than this top but, still simple, dress) which I’ll try to get done before midnight 🙂

ALSO, if you like my earrings in the pictures above…fret not! Those are also self-made and I’ll be sharing a tutorial for those and many more Southwesty goodies all week!



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