Mother’s Day

Just wanted to share a few things with you about my mother’s day.

Ava in her mini dress

First of all, my 19 month old daughter started calling me mama in the morning and continued all day. The only reason this is a big deal because she has barely ever even uttered that word and she consistently (and loudly) calls me DADDY! She has done this since she was able to speak so for her to start calling me mama on mother’s day is the best gift ever.

Sweet Jonathan

Unless, you count what my son and husband gave me…pasta attachments for my kitchenaid mixer! I’ve wanted those for a long time and you can look forward to some fresh pasta recipes in the future.

My husband driving us to Gainesville with flat Texas behind him

So, after breakfast we drove up to Gainesville where my grandparents live. Mother’s day happened to also fall on my grandma’s birthday this year so my mom, sister, nieces and nephew all drove up from Dallas too. My husband grilled burgers and my mom made the the most amazing chocolate cake ever. EVER.

Oh, and then my sweet sister and her awesome kids gave me one of the coolest gifts…they made a donation to Educate and Empower 500 Women & Girls in India. More specifically, their donation provides start-up capital so a woman can start a crafting business! How cool is that?!?

My attempt at joining the liquid eyeliner club

We exchanged gifts, filled our bellies and told stories (and no doubt wore out the men/boys with our cackling). It was wonderful. Then we headed back to Grapevine and did just about nothing. Also, wonderful.

more flat Texas

Right as we were getting in the truck to leave my grandma handed me a chunk of fabric and said, “If you like this print, take it.” OK! 🙂

That’s right, 4 yds for $3.00! If you can’t tell, that’s fuschia, turquoise, navy, tan, camel and brown.

The following evening, we had dinner with my sweet mother-in-law which was lovely and relaxing. She lives in Austin and we usually visit for Christmas and then not again until Memorial day so it’s been a while since she has seen her boys on mother’s day. It was a nice treat.

The end 🙂

P.S. Any suggestions on what I should do with this fabric? I’m a little on the fence about the print for a couple of reasons. 1.) I’m not really a brown person. I love neutrals but mostly black and gray. 2.) The stripes are rather large (that big navy one is 3 1/2 in wide) and I don’t know if it would be too overwhelming on a body. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!



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