The Maxi Skirt

So the other day I was visiting my mom and she gave me this…

she got it from a thrift store. And do you see the price?? You can’t beat that!

The colors are gorgeous (pics taken with my phone and DO NOT do it justice!) and the fabric so soft. I’m not sure what it is but it seems like a loose weave cotton, almost like linen. What a find! Thanks, Mom!

So, I’m thinking maxi skirt. I know I want pockets and perhaps even a side slit. What do you think? Here is some inspiration that I found poking around the web. LOVE them!

Of course I’ll post a tut when I get it finished so stick around for that!

Happy Sewing!


3 thoughts on “The Maxi Skirt

  1. That’s an incredible price! What a find!

    I love maxi skirts. They’re pretty much the only kind of skirt that I’ll wear, really. I have plans to make a couple out of some of the fabric that I’ve bought over the years, but they always seem to be “another day” projects, where I never actually get around to them. Can’t wait to see what yours will look like, though! That fabric is really pretty!

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