Three Grilled Pies

These lovelys are very close to becoming a weekly staple in my household.

They are sooo easy! and did I mention delicious?

Let’s talk about how these pies are made. (is it bothering you that I keep calling them pies? me too.)

In an effort to save time, dishes and my own sanity I used store bought (gasp!) crusts, and sauces. While I am mentally and physically capable of making these things from scratch(I actually enjoy it too), I have been there, done that. I value my playing outside with the family time. Especially, with the amazing weather we’ve been having here in north Texas (we all know it will be hotter than the earth’s core in about 3 weeks…or tomorrow).

In keeping with my overall desire to provide healthy foods for myself and my family, I sought out organic options for the crust and the pizza sauce…the BBQ sauce will always be Stubb’s or homemade in my house.

Moving on…

For the Margherita Pie – to the crust I added pizza sauce a light sprinkle of shredded mozzerella, sliced fresh mozzerella, chiffonade of basil and sliced cherry tomatoes.

For the BBQ Chicken Pie – Use BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce here then a light sprinkle of grated mozzerella and grated sharp cheddar (bbq’s best friend), sliced red onion, chopped fresh spinach and one chopped BBQ grilled chicken breast. For the chicken breast, it’s easy if you do it ahead of time like make an extra on another night that you’re grilling. We simply grilled it before the pies. My husband just salt/peppered the chicken then basted it while on the grill with sauce.

For the Spinach and Prociutto Pie – Add your pizza sauce to the crust then a light sprinkle of shredded mozzerella, sliced fresh mozzerella, chopped spinach (I gave it a toss with olive oil, salt and pepper), chiffonade basil, sliced cherry tomatoes, sliced peperoncinis and prociutto.

Grill and enjoy!

You don’t have to grill them but you should. I love hanging out with my family in the backyard while we wait for them to get nice and crispy and just a smidge charred with a faint taste of the outdoors…you don’t get that from the oven.

Here is my attempt to capture some of this quality family time. From cuteness to chaos and back to unbearable cuteness. šŸ™‚ Keep in mind, I’m no photographer, folks.

Tips for grilling PIES (have you had enough of that yet? ha!):

For gas grills: Turn all burners on high and close the lid until the temperature reaches 500+ degrees. Then turn off back burners and turn front burner down to low. Place your pies on the back burners and rotate often until cheese is melted and crust is crispy.

For charcoal grills: Get your coals going good and then move them to one side of the grill. The idea is to cook the pies with indirect heat so put them on the opposite side of the coals and close the lid. Same here, rotate them until melty and crispy!

Happy Grilling!


3 thoughts on “Three Grilled Pies

  1. These sound fantastic – I can’t wait to try the BBQ Chicken one – it’s a favorite of mine! We like to grill our pizza’s in the summer too – it’s that little something extra you get from the smoke! Great post!

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