Make-up trend: Liquid Eyeliner

Is she gorgeous or what?!?

I love love love that Adele has made the thick winged liquid liner popular again. Remember these beauties?

Elizabeth Taylor

Brigitte Bardot


Sophia Loren

Barbra Streisand

Who wouldn’t want to look like any one of these gorgeous gals? I’ve been playing around with liquid eyeliner a little too and I love it. I’ve always been very low maintenance in the make-up department but I still like to feel pretty and when I have liner on like this I just feel so much more feminine. It’s definitely not an everyday look but every now and then I’ll do this before I run errands and its kind of fun šŸ™‚

Here is a few of the different ways to wear it via Glam Fiend. Neat! I’ve recently been doing the “so thik” version but I think I’ll branch out and try some of these others….now I just need an occasion where “Lady Gaga” would be appropriate!


Here is a peek at a how I did mine on Mother’s day

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